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Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse Steak

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Experience an unrivaled culinary delight with our Generations Beef Porterhouse Steak, a cut that truly represents the pinnacle of beef luxury. Offering the best of both worlds, this steak is a marriage of the tenderloin and New York strip steak, promising an unforgettable gastronomic affair.

Hand-cut from the from the short loin of our 100% pasture raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free cattle, our Porterhouse Steak is incredibly tender, succulent, and rich in flavor. Each piece embodies the centuries-old traditions and artistry of our family-run ranches, showcasing the genuine craftsmanship that goes into raising and selecting our cattle.

Whether grilled to perfection or seared in a cast-iron skillet, the Porterhouse Steak promises a flavorful journey that highlights the superior quality of our meat. This cut stands as a testament to the true flavor potential of beef when raised with care and respect.

**Note: All of our Wagyu beef is delivered vacuum packaged and frozen at -10F**



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick Schuebel

Wow! What an awesome cut of meat. This thing grilled, tasted unbelievable!!

Jeff Helmuth

Cooked one them to medium rare and the other to medium. Both were excellent!


I've received several comments that, "This is the best steak I've ever had."

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