Meet the Family

Darren Kittleson, Founder/Deliveries/Wholesale Relationships

I purchased our 5th generation family farm from my parents in 2018. We then started to breed Akaushi beef cattle.  Red or Brown Wagyu is another way this breed is referred to.  Here is more information on this breed- Why Akaushi?

It's incredibly tender and amazingly flavorful beef.  Pasture raised with no chemicals or pesticides being used anywhere on the farm to be sure we are only putting out the healthiest beef possible. 

I grew up on this farm. We were a dairy operation during the time I was growing up. I thought I'd be coming back home to this farm after college. Unfortunately a high school football back injury deemed that impossible.

So life took me to Chicago when i was 21 year old. Through that part of my life I found myself entering the field of real estate sales. I worked for real estate brokerages in Deerfield Illinois from 1989 to 1993. In 1993 I chose to move back "home" to Madison, Wisconsin.

I have been actively selling real estate as well as being a partner in Sterling Concepts a residential home construction company.  In 2002 I had the opportunity to bring the Keller Williams real estate brokerages to the Madison area in which I serve as the Principal Broker and Operating Principal. I'm a member of the Keller Williams University International Master Faculty which allowed me to travel and train real estate agents throughout North America, South Africa, Serbia and Dubai.

Click this link to get the rest of the story written a few years ago for Wisconsin Agribusiness Newspaper.

Chris Kittleson, Farm Operations & Herd Manager

Responsible for every aspect of the quality of beef we produce, Chris doesn't task this task lightly. He is constantly working to improve nutrition, breeding and facilities all with a focus toward our wonderful herd of cattle that produces our amazing quality Wagyu Beef.

He runs all of the day to day operations on the farm. Managing our herd of 75 cows, managing all of the planting, cultivation and harvest of the feed we produce for the herd. Like any farmer he's also very good at fixing things whether it be equipment that breaks down to carpentry and fence building. 

Dawn Doran, Marketing Director/Record Keeping

Bringing over 30 years in marketing for John Deere Financial Dawn manages all of the herd records and makes sure every animal on the farm is tracked from the time of their birth to the point in time they leave us.

You may meet Dawn when she steps in at the busiest times to help with deliveries.