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Chuck Steak

Chuck Steak

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If you're searching for high-quality meat for your next meal, look no further than our Wagyu Chuck Steak. 

Our Wagyu chuck steak is cut by experienced butchers to ensure the perfect portion size and quality. Plus, with its exceptional marbling and rich, beefy flavor, it's no wonder that the chuck steak is a favorite among meat-lovers.

So whether you're grilling, roasting, or pan-searing, order our Wagyu chuck steak today and experience the best in meat quality and taste.

Also known as Delmonico this cut is a cousin to the Ribeye.  Cut from the shoulder of the animal, specifically the primal cut known as the chuck. This area is located above the brisket and spans from the neck to the fifth rib. The chuck is a heavily exercised muscle, which gives the meat its rich, beefy flavor.  Often the overlooked cousin to the highly sought after ribeye, you will be hard pressed to tell it's not the pricier ribeye when prepare correctly. 

2-steak per package

**Note:  All of our Wagyu beef is delivered vacuum packaged and frozen at -10F**

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